Club Workouts

Weekly Track Training

Join Gillian Castka's popular track training session every Wednesday evening at Shatin Sports Ground.

All runners will benefit from a speed session once per week.

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Captain Gillian: “My primary role is to draw you together to enjoy your running, to challenge yourself and hopefully, take part in events where you meet more like-minded people and share and multiply your enjoyment.
Group synergy works!


WHAT:   Track training: all levels are welcome
WHEN:   Wednesday evenings, meet at 6:40pm for 7pm start
WHERE: Shatin Sports Ground, 18 Yuen Wo Road, Shatin.
COACH: Gillian Castka

Shatin Track Training Details


The club meets at Shatin Sports Ground (SSG) on Yuen Wo Road every Wednesday evening at 6:30. This is an LCSD facility so access is free and there is a cheap car park alongside. SSG is located between the Shatin and Fo Tan MTR stations. It's a 10 minute walk from either station—a good warm up.

Club Captain Gillian Castka sets the session for each week, always something different, but totaling 4 to 5 km in the hot summer months and 5 to 6 km during the cooler racing season. A popular session in the winter is 5 or 6 x 1000m with a 2 minute rest interval.

The group attracts runners of both genders and all capabilities but recommends a minimum age of 12 to 14 depending on athletic background. For the young, old or those recovering from injuries the session is also broken down into bite size portions. For a session of 5 x 1000m you can team up with a buddy and run 500m each—or one run 400m, the other 600m. If you get a stitch, just sit one out—but you’ll be surprised what group synergy can make you do.

The intervals are run on a handicap basis with slower runners starting first, leaving the fleet of foot to set off last with plenty of catching up to do. This minimizes jostling and tripping in a large group of runners and is a great means of motivating everyone, irrespective of their ability.

The hard running is usually finished before 8pm and is always concluded with a gentle cool down and some stretching. Showers are available at the Sports Ground.

For a PB this season, join Gillian!