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(12 Sep, 2021)


 Congrats to the HKLRRC team!!!!!



Our team have finished all events in the 6th Hong Kong Masters Athletics Championships. Here're the encouraging results:


-Edith Wakefield-

W75 Shot put : Gold

W75 Javelin : Silver


-Bill Pirves-

M75 3000m Walk - Gold


-Evelyn Lim-

W70 5000m - Gold

W70 800m - Gold

W70 200m - Silver

W70-100m - Silver


-Sheila Purves-

W65 5000m - Gold

W65 800m - Gold


-Tang Cheuk Yin-

M30 800m - Gold

M30 Shot put - Silver

M30 200m - Silver

M30 Long jump - Silver


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